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Hadar Incorporated Logo
Property law firm Harris Hadar Incorporated was splitting and Mr. Hadar needed his own identity. More than a logo update, this logo needed to speak for itself and completely outshine the current logo, owning that space in the legal field. 
THE SHOWDOWN: Mr. Hadar wanted to again focus on the letter "H", so directly competing with his x-partner.
INITIAL PROCESS: After exploring a few property related "H" lettermarks, the city grid plan/system, made famous by ancient Rome, seemed like a great solution to explore. As Hadar Inc. is based in Johannesburg, I began by looking at the initial plans of the city from 1897 for inspiration.
THE PERFECT GRID: Finding the perfect “H” within the Johannesburg grid system was proving a little tricky. So instead, I drew inspiration from the reference and simplified the lettermark.
CORNER RADII & FONT ADJUSTMENTS: Corner radii were adjusted until lettermark felt balanced.
Modified DIN Pro font relative to the corner radii of the lettermark.
TRIANGLE / CORNER MOTIF: Used with the payoff line and to highlight key points. Triangle represents Hadar’s property connection and steady growth. Also used as a differentiator for each department.
BACKGROUND PATTERN AND PHOTOGRAPHY: Pattern was recycled from the initial city grid plan I traced, using it as a subtle background pattern. Imagery of various buildings, shot from street level with a blue and moody filter.
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