Nick Moser, aka Mose. Designer extraordinaire, life strategist, culture specialist, jack-of-all-trades and irritating know-it-all.
Carbon Copies
We now live in a world of automated designs and it's becoming increasingly harder to stand out in a crowd. Everything has a template and most of the new branding out there is another carbon copy of this year's hot trend.

My passion for good design is not just about what looks good today, it's about developing a design system that works for your brand and fosters a relationship with your client.

The basis of this is an in-depth understanding of your company and concept - something a machine can't do. Coupled with a personal touch, your brand will be given the limelight it deserves.

So, by all means, keep paying a
fiverr every year for some generic branding or get in touch with me for a free consultation.
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